Thursday, 28 May, 2020

Pangopal Eating Stories

Eating Pangapal

Pangopal Eating Stories: This time I will eat grasshoppers

A little salt and somewhat salt,

Eating eyes will be red

This time I will eat grasshoppers.


Grasshoppers at breakfast

Noodles or pasta Singara and Khasta

There is no cost to get modest.

The grasshopper will be Tehri

There will be more soup,

Taste a little pepper

Plunge into the discussion.


Tenderly into the mouth

Crunchy keys,

Dadabhai Didi Bhai

Grasshopper nourishment.

Tokadai mekhe

throughout the night Keep simply splashing

Light hurt in profound

oil Just take it.


Consumed in lettuce leaves

Apply mayonnaise, We are eating

grasshoppers Show the world

Pangapan or halal nourishment

This is uplifting news,


Several beetles

I will cover it in my stomach.

Seared insects, cooked crush

There will be more Birani,

You are coming to Bangladesh

I didn’t know Bengali.